Nexon America has chosen attract mode as their partner agency for all European paid media in 2020. After several smaller paid media tests, the client tasked us this year with taking their Aggressively Cute campaign to market with a major awareness burst, ongoing acquisition activity and a major influencer campaign for their game MapleStory.

With accelerated pacing and a traffic frontload at the start of the campaign, we rebuilt the conversion signals for European audiences. Leveraging real-time conversion data from Gamesight, TikTok and Google, we phased in acquisition focused on new players.

The campaign exceeded our delivery projections in the first weeks and keeps fueling the player funnel.

  • 57% more impressions vs initial campaign projection
  • 4x more new player conversions per day vs. before the campaign overall
  • Accelerated growth of Steam New Users, 2x vs Nexon Launcher New User

The overarching theme for the influencer campaign was armed and adorable. The focus was not on having gameplay in the sponsored streams but rather to execute the campaign theme in a creative and innovative way. This resulted into several unique streams some examples include kneading, drawing or sewing characters from the game, minecraft building contest and in depth reviews.

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