Funcom has started working with us in 2019, and is relying on our media planning and campaign management skills for Conan Exiles. With the announcement of Dune – Awakening at the Opening Night Live (ONL) at gamescom 2022, we joined forces also on the marketing of their next big game.

With a single creative, being the long-form CGI Trailer for the long awaited announcement of the MMO settled in the Dune Universe, we ran an awareness focused campaign in all Western Markets with special focus on the US and Germany. The campaign flight started one hour after the announcement happened live on the stage at ONL of gamescom 2022.

For the Gameplay Reveal at The Game Awards we repeated the campaign with an enhanced setup.

The Dune announcement campaign outperformed our initial projections significantly, leading to Dune – Awakening being the most seen and talked about game of all gamescom new announcements.

  • 2.5x more video views vs. initial forecast
  • CPV and View Rate beating benchmarks for the genre by more than 10% even with the XXL video creative
  • Close to 6-digit-traffic at a 50% lower CPC and 1.5x CTR despite clicks not being the primary goal of the Dune campaign


The gameplay reveal campaign built around The Game Awards again outperformed expectations despite the competitive advertising landscape in December.

  • Exceeded video view goal by 57%
  • Optimized Creative helped us beating the industry benchmarks for CPV and View Rate once more, driving view rates even further up vs. the gamescom campaign
  • Video Completion for cutdown trailer versions on Facebook and Instagram at over 40%

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