The release of Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery marked a pivotal moment in the games lifecycle, introducing tons of new gameplay mechanics and the transition to a games-as-a-service model.

Funcom and AMA decided to go big in three key markets with the full creative spectrum including video, Rich media and display, treating the Age of Sorcery update almost like a new release. At the same time we aimed to not leave the large previous player base behind.

For the most important update of Conan Exiles in years, we established a full funnel media mix including high-impact takeovers on Tier 1 gaming websites, supported with a significant video push on YouTube and Social.  Fueled by the audience signals from the brand campaign, we leveraged programmatic performance and conversion focused Google and Meta ads.

The Age of Sorcery campaign delivered an awareness peak for Conan Exiles above expectations. At the same time the game saw its largest number of active players in the last 2 years. Overall, the campaign outperformed the already aggressive KPI goals.

  • 20% above the goal for Impressions and 47% above the goal for video views
  • Efficient Ad Buy with close to $2 saving on the average CPM and viewability of 70% across all placements
  • CPV averaging at $0.01
  • Performance on Tier 1 Gaming Sites including IGN, PCGamesN or gamerant.com up to 35% above benchmarks
  • The innovative Streaming frontpage banner achieved 2x the benchmark for CTR

An Influencer campaign accompanied the media campaign for the 3.0 update. The main goal was to drive awareness and reactivate lapsed players by showcasing the significant gameplay changes the new update provided.

For us, that meant finding the right mix of content creators familiar with the game to create exciting and knowledgeable content but whose channels are not highly-focused on Conan Exiles.

Providing clear guidelines on talking points but leaving the content creation to the influencers resulted in very engaging content. Which led to content creators often over-delivering on the hours streamed.

  • 42 Twitch Streamer and 34 Youtubers booked
  • More than double the viewer minutes than predicted
  • 30% lower overall CPM than forecasted
  • Positive viewer feedback with demands to stream the game more

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